Drawing and colouring-in are among my first memories, and art has remained my main interest and passion through life. When I reached my thirties, I restructured my life around art. This decision has directed my life since then. Everything from my sewing scissors to my best pair of pants and favourite Indian cloth to the maize flour in the kitchen cupboard can be sacrificed to art at the drop of a hat. Wherever I live, my house becomes my workshop. I always work on at least three to five different projects, which means my surroundings consist of a variety of work stations. Even my kitchen is more like a food studio, where work is always in progress.

My commisioned copy of "The Loveletter"
by Jean Honore Fragonard.

My latest abstract. (Acrylic on canvas)
Available from me or through

Painting from the imagination for a change.
(Acrylic on board). Available from Bitou Art Gallery,
at Storms River Village:

My latest completed commission - a miniature version (about 20cm high) of a portrait
by an unknown artist. I shall soon post details of the original artist. My next commission
is quite a bit bigger: 1.75m x 2,25m!

"Abstrakatte" (oil on board). Available from Oudebosch Farmstall:

"Nkosi SikiLelie iAfrika" (oil on board).
"My Story in Ndebele" (mixed media).
Available from Oudebosch Farmstall:

My old studio at Velddrif, where I was working on two copies of the Old Masters (far right and far left), which I am commssioned to do from time to time. On the wall at the back are two protraits of a girl I used to work with and behind me to the right a life-size figure, which was started with paper mache and had to be completed in a hurry with resin and fabric. She was fortunately sold just before we moved here, otherwise we would have had to tie her to the roof of Pieter van As's truck! She had to hold the signboard of a new gallery on its opening night. I changed the position of the arms afterwards.

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